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Regional Award #InYourPower

#InYourPower Regional Award was launched in October 2019. It is part of the information campaign of the same name and will last until December 2021.

What is it for?

HIV is a common problem of states and communities, a shared responsibility and a difficult task, at the cost of 2 million lives. And we strongly believe that every victory in the fight against HIV is a joint victory for the governments and communities.

Heads of government and health departments, city mayors, politicians and opinion leaders play the key role in this process. Today, the future of more than 2 million people depends on their constructive decisions in favor of HIV programs’ funding and effective collaboration with communities.

In the past 30 years the fight to end HIV epidemic in Eastern and Central Europe has radically transformed the relationship between the state and civil society organisations from being at odds with each other to having a successful partnership. Effectively exchanging information and maintaining a high level of cooperation has positively reflected on the results achieved by the NGOs and the state as well as the efforts supported by politicians and officials, as they join efforts to make drastic policy changes and strive for achieving excellence.
These best practices and success stories, should be acknowledged and recognised.

We are confident that today communities, officials and politicians are ready to work together in a radically new way.

That is why the information campaign addresses personally each of the country teams with the slogan “it’s #InYourPower” to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The region needs effective collaboration to end AIDS.

Let’s do it together!

And we will tell the stories of this victorious movement and leaders behind it in order to tell the whole world the story of EECA’s victory over HIV/AIDS.

Award nominations

We want to tell the whole world about the successes of EECA countries in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the effective partnerships between NGOs and the state. We want to tell a story about responsible leaders – government officials and politicians of EECA countries – whose work has significantly contributed to achieving significant progress in at least 1 of the following categories:

• Improving the financial sustainability and effectiveness of HIV programs
• Reducing existing legal barriers and protecting human rights related to access to HIV prevention and care services
• Improving the effectiveness and accessibility of HIV models for key populations

To this end, we will focus on the efforts and concrete successes of EECA countries in the fight against HIV/AIDS; search, inspire and motivate; talk about the effective work of specific people in government agencies;
start new dialogs and partnerships.

Join now!

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How to nominate

To nominate an official or politician at any level: national or municipal, it is enough to send us an application.

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The award, during the campaign period, can be given to politicians and officials who are nominated by the community (any person from KG, or PLHIV or an activist of any NGO), and whose activities or decisions will receive more than 300 “likes” in social networks.

All applications for the nomination will be checked for the reliability of the specified data. After that, an information message about the new nomination will be added to the official Facebook page and website in the news section. The period of 2 weeks will be allocated for voting for the nominated person. If a post with a description of the nomination on the information campaign page on social networks hits more than 2000 “likes”, the nominee’s application will be submitted to the Committee of Trust for approval of the nomination.

The regional team #SoS_project reserves the right to nominate a politician or official without additional voting on social networks.

Anyone can nominate a prospective award candidate by filling out an application.

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Committee of Trustees

This award does not provide financial or any other incentive.

The Regional Award is an expression of communities’ appreciation for the effective work of a particular politician or official related to combating the HIV epidemic embodied in the form of the symbolic award and published success story.

In the course of the #InYourPower award activities the event organisers will invite the key actors featured in the most prominent success stories to regional and international topical events to discuss the country’s successful or innovative practices in fighting the epidemic.

Successful cases and award stories will be published on this web site and campaign’s social networks.

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