It is in your power to end AIDS

HIV is a problem common for all states and communities, joint responsibility and a challenging task, the price of which is 2 mln lives.

Chief executives of government and healthcare departments, cities’ majors, politicians and public opinion leaders.

The future of more than 2 mln people depends on your decisions.
It is namely in your power to stop the HIV/AIDS Epidemics.

We appreciate your job, your courageous and insightful decisions in support of HIV programs for the sake of more than 2 mln people in the EECA countries.

We are ready to cooperate even more efficiently and share our 30-year expertise.

Let’s do it together!

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Contribute to improvement of financial sustainability of HIV programs and accessibility of prevention, care and support services for key populations through more active cooperation between the state and civil society.

Improve quality of the programs for combating HIV through promotion of the best practices, innovative approaches and examples of effective cooperation between partners in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries, as well as in the Balkan countries.

To establish civic movement in support of the leaders among civil servants and governmental officials advocating for strengthening measures to combat HIV-infection in the EECA and Balkans region.

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Support and share through social networks

Publicize the picture or the video with the card in the social networks. Don’t forget hash tags: #вТвоихСилах, #inYourPower, #SoS_project

the video

Use the media campaign materials for presentations, in the frames of your actions and public speeches

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Nominate and Inspire


Send the application to nominate governmental official or politician whose actions are worth the Award. Everyone can do this. More details can be found here

Express respect

Download the Like, take a picture together with the governmental official or politician whom you are willing to express respect and announce for the whole region the success and effective leadership in combating HIV, and we will repost and, quite probably, will make the interview. Don’t forget hash tags: #вТвоихСилах, #inYourPower, #SoS_project

Show an Example

Take your HIV test regularly. Know your HIV status and ways to prevent it. Right now you can assess your risks of becoming infected with HIV. Take an HIV test with your partner (iOs, Android).


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Financial Support
Informational Support
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