Andriy Klepikov: “Everyone who found oneself at the driver’s seat has to drive and lead the way”

HIV/AIDS — it’s not about Africa, as many people are still thinking. In Africa, there are less new HIV cases every year. At the same time, the number of new HIV cases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries as well as in Balkan countries are growing. This has to be somehow adressed.
Doctors, social workers, nurses, community organizations have done and are doing their job. But another component is important: state leadership. It’s not an abstract notion, it just means that everyone who found oneself at the driver’s seat has to drive and lead the way, since otherwise the catastrophe is inevitable.
In other words, everyone who found oneself at the official’s seat and who has the authority to make decisions should take them in favor of the people And in the area of HIV/AIDS, this means progressive legislation, allocation of funds for prevention and treatment, public procurement at competitive market prices, and other things that provide for saving lives.
Time is what really matters when it comes to tackling the HIV epidemic. Therefore, we are looking for leaders. Leaders who might change the situation in their countries. Not the day after tomorrow, not tomorrow, but right away.
We are looking for leaders who are ready to take a step forward in order to save their citizens.
Join the #InYourPower Campaing. Tell us about such leaders, nominate them for a prize. Let’s all together tell the world about the achievements and approaches that help to change the situation in our countries. Since it’s in power of everyone to stop the HIV epidemic. #InYourPower.